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Expertise is Nice, Perspectertise is Essential

I’ve hired lawyers, tax lawyers, trust tax lawyers, trust tax litigation lawyers, Delaware state trust tax litigation lawyers… all for their expertise. But none of them could give me something I needed in the course of an unpleasant family litigation that dragged on for seven years. Perspective. Expertise is zooming in. Perspective is zooming out. […]

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Do The “Puja” of Making Something Happen

Consider for a moment that your most effective action may not be based on analysis of cause and effect. Entertain the thought that your most effective action is to “participate in your intent” – and let analysis serve that action, rather than the other way around. Can you feel the difference? The more powerful your […]

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Evolutionary Leadership™ and the Dangerous Mistake of Human Nature

A friend of mine asked me yesterday “what is Evolutionary Leadership™?” To answer his question properly, we must first topple some sacred cows. What is human nature? The Wall Street Journal ran an article recently in their Review section flogging that tired old metaphor, our similarity to chimps. The article seemed to imply that because […]

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If You Hate Planning – Learn to Nurture Your Motivation

I've discovered something so basic about planning that I can't believe I didn't figure this out sooner. It's so valuable, I'm going to risk looking like a fool to tell you something you might already know. For me, planning has been – check all that apply to you: a fun-killer, a grumbly feeling of “do […]

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