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Prevention is the Disease, Not the Cure

There's a tough but fascinating book just out about motivation by Columbia social psychologist E. Tory Higgins. He lays out how we approach desired goals as "prevention" goals or "promotion" goals. A prevention orientation is "vigilant": we are on alert for the bad stuff NOT to happen. The promotion goal orientation is "eager": we seek […]

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Do The “Puja” of Making Something Happen

Consider for a moment that your most effective action may not be based on analysis of cause and effect. Entertain the thought that your most effective action is to “participate in your intent” – and let analysis serve that action, rather than the other way around. Can you feel the difference? The more powerful your […]

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How many times have you heard "one part of me wanted to do this, but then this other part said...". We talk about our "parts" all the time, but how often do you actually look at them closely? There's a reason for that. In my coaching, some clients suffer the conflict between their parts. Let […]

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