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Nat Mundel

Nat Mundel

"1 hour with Nathan is worth more than 10 marketing courses, 4 weekend leadership seminars, and 30 years of therapy! To quote the movie ‘About Schmidt’, Nathan makes me want to be a better man."

Nat Mundel, founder, Voyage Media, USA National Rock Climbing Champion

Mr. Ibrahim Alhusseini

Ibrahim Alhusseini

As the Managing Member of a Green Technology Venture Capital firm, performance and execution are of paramount importance to me. Nathan Otto delivers results as promised in both those areas. He also does it in a rapid format that is both personable and powerful. I found him to be exceptionally wise and kind in his coaching. I am consistently left with both the results that I seek and a warm & generous exchange.

My work with Mr. Otto has me embarking on some of the most financially rewarding projects I have recently encountered as well becoming a better person for the people that mean the most to me."

Ibrahim Al-Husseini, founder The Husseini Group

"I’m the founder of an enterprise software solution firm, I must say that Nathan has a knack to mirror a new perspective, not only in a way that it makes profound sense… but also it seems as if it is the one thing that will have the most leverage for you. The most leverage, not only for your current and future business projects, but in your life in general."

Nicolas Dubé, founder Simple Renaissance Solutions


I just want to communicate with you that these past two weeks my life is hitting a level of unprecedented productivity.  [my fiancee] is communicating that it is really shocking.  The calendaring is starting to stick.  It is starting to serve me instead of overlord over me, and I have been able to leverage my capacities a lot more.

Additionally, I have a trip to the gym scheduled every day at 4pm.  And I am committed to keeping it.  It's no like it has been in the past with a "fake appointment" sitting on my calendar cluttering it up.

I just want to express such deep gratitude to you, for all of the ways that you continue to effect my life and growth.

I have gotten more done in the past 3 days than I often get done in weeks.

Thank you!

Ryan Parks, founder, Sacred Media


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